Varadero, The Best night life

Varadero; enjoy the best night life

Cuba, has been as one of the destinations for people who loves traveling and then can live unforgettable moments in contact with nature, and in turn meet with nice people and a wonderful history.

Obviously, each tourist has his own interests, however, we all want to visit a place who let us meet a little of everything as: excursions, beaches, a delicious gastronomy and have time to enjoy each moment and rest.

Approximately 145km away from Havana is a marvelous Paradise, which has been the most visited place every year.

For sure, Varadero is ideal to practice watersports, relax on the beach, and also enjoy of activities that are made in each hotel.

To fully enjoy the excursions, is recommended to take about 3 days approximately and so can participate in as many excursions as possible.

How to reach Varadero from Havana?

Varadero belongs to Cardenas Munícipality and is located in Hicacos Peninsula, in Matanzas province about 145k east of Havana.

As it is one of the most relevant touristi destinations of Cuba, the access normally is without complications, it can be reached in 2 hours and half from Havana.

If you don’t want to spend much money on moving, then the best way to reach is ride a bus, the Viazul company has its terminal in front of Havana Zoo and it offers its services to distinct tourist destinations.

The price of ride a bus is approximately $10 and the journey normally takes 3 or 4 hours a day, from 6 a.m. Other alternative to moving is with ride a taxi, of course their charges aren’t economic, is calculated that the price of ride an official taxi are between 90 and 100 CUC, compared to the 50 or 60 of a common taxi.

However, if you prefer to drive and don’t want to ride on public transport, then the ideal is to rent an automobile for $50 a day, to this we add insurance and gas that would be like $10 extra.
By other side, we have that, international flights also reach to Varadero airport, it is located about 20km away of the peninsula.

Later, from airport you move on a taxi to Varadero or also you can reserve one of the transfers that hotel offers.

Varadero has more than 60 hotels who are placed on a wide hotel area, which is extended by 23km of all Hicacos peninsula.

It has available cheap, regular, and luxury hotels. On luxury category we have Ocean Varadero El Patriarca, which is a 5 stars resort who is located in front of the incredible Varadero beach. It is surrounded by green extensive areas like Cactus “el patriarca” which is a legend with more than 500 years of history.

Now, if you don’t want to be in resorts and go to Cuban Varadero, then you can stay in some family house with a price of 30 CUC, being this an excellent opportunity to deeply know the local life. Cuban people are very good hosts and they like to meet people of another countries and other idioms and cultures.


Varadero2 - Varadero, The Best night life


What can you do in Varadero?

Like has been previously commented, Varadero is the most visited touristic place of the island, its paradise beaches expand across a Peninsula, so it is characterized for has a type of fine sand of crystalline waters and very fine white sands.

Now, apart from relaxing on its incredible beaches, you can practice different watersports as surfing, yachting and water skiing, do catamaran tours, and even do high-risk activities such as parachuting.

It has to be mentioned that this beach has 20 places that are destined to diving where you can enjoy the crowd of corals and their wonderful marine fauna that only this place can offer, those courses can be purchased in hotel complexes.

Therefore, Varadero propose different options to have fun outdoors, among them we have: riding on a bicycle, on a horse, tennis courts, golf courses and even deep sea fishing.

In this area are created wonderful excursions to Varahicacos Ecological Reserve, located east of the peninsula, to the southern estuaries, just in front of the bay.

Also you can visit Josone Park and International Dive Center, as well as Muslims Caver, which is one of the most relevant archeologic places in Cuba.

To diving the best place is Coral beach and Saturn cave, since, by its warm crystalline waters, it lets to know different species in deep sea.

By other side, we have Ron house, to taste exquisiteness offering free menu and liquor sales service, which is the favorite of Cuba.

By night, Varadero has a diversity of activities for visitants, generally, nocturne life of this place is characterized by have a good entertainment.

Is important to say that one strengths of Varadero is its shows, parties, disco parties outdoors, and a mixed atmosphere between tourists and Cubans that creates an ideal atmosphere to go out to enjoy the night.

Prices normally vary, they aren’t same for Cubans than for tourists, in the same way the number of corresponding drinks in each entry.

The rumba palace; this is a good site with good references to spend the night in Varadero, it’s geared toward tourist, it has lively music, anyway, a party atmosphere. The entry for visitants is 10 CUC, and drinks are cheap.

The Comparsita; is one the few open bar options, entry is economic, it has a variation of music, it’s organized by salsa, rock and reggaeton concerts like AC/DC. Atmosphere iis very comfortable with its Cuban style.

It has an entry perfomance and later has a crazy party, negative side of this place is that is too small to organize parties, however, is recommended.

Kastillito; is a classic place located in Varadero, part of the dance floor is outdoors, front of the beach, been very nice to dance here and take some drinks while you feel the sea breeze.

This place is very touristic where visitants and Cubans frequent it at the same way. So if you are organizing your vacations and you wish a place where you can enjoy distinct activities, then do not hesitate to visit Varadero.

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